I'm Sam. I'm 19. Miami Babe.♡..Ricky.


Happy 2.5 years my Ricardito! ❤️ You have stolen my heart mr. and I don’t ever want it back. I love you. 💘👫 #ForeverAndAlways #Iloveyou #love

Happy Birthday to the greatest human being on this entire planet. Without you i don’t know where i would be! This picture is a major throwback to when we thought we were cute! Honestly i look like im constipated 😂 I am loving your heart though. ❤️ Anyways you are the bestest friend i could ever have asked for. I love you soo much for everything that you do. I love how i can call you at any hour of the day for advice. I love that you listen to my stories and all of my stupid problems. You make my boring days funny and my sad days super happy. When we are together we are so crazy. I hope you have an amazing birthday!! 🎈🎉🎁 Come visit this weekend! 🚌 We will have lots of fun! 🎢🎡 And as Fat Amy would say: “The kraken has been unleased! Feel the Fat Amy force!” 😂💜👯👑🙈🎂🍨🎉🎈 #EatSomeCakeInMyName 😜 #iloveyou #HappyBday

I had the best 20th birthday weekend thanks to all of these awesome people! 💛🎁🎈🎉 You all made my weekend super fun. Get ready.. Next year 2⃣1⃣❗️🎉 Thank you @juliesauce and @ricardomantilla for setting everything up so i could have as much fun as i had. Love you all. ❤️ #20 #loveyou #thankyouguys

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me tbh

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This is my “My Birthday is in ✌️Days” face! 🎉🎈😃 #20 #SuperExcited #SouthBeachBound

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My craving for the past month - Macaroons! Thank you @ricardomantilla for the yummy birthday treats.😋💕 #BirthdayWeekTreats #yummy #macaroons (at Le Macaroon)

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f r e s h ☀️

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